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Reconnecting with your teenager

Are you trying to make sense of what is going on with your teenage child? He shows far more interest in spending time with his friends or on his handphone rather than connecting with you. It upsets and frustrates you even more when he is always responding with a one word response - ‘ok’, ‘whatever’, ‘anything’, ‘Idk’ leaving you helpless in trying to figure out what exactly is on your teenager’s mind.

Teenage years can be a daunting time for both parents and teenagers. Many parents, especially if unprepared, may feel at a loss on how to handle their teenagers. If left unattended, the gap between the parent and teenager is likely to grow over time.

How can you as parent then communicate with your teenager more effectively and reconnect with him? How can you love the teenager the exclusive way he wants to be loved?

Join us to better understand the development stages of teenagers, changes in behavior parents should anticipate. Learn practical tips on how you can communicate more effectively with your teenager. Using the 5 Love Languages of Teenager by Dr Gary Chapman, we will share with you on how to identify your teenager’s love languages and guide you ways to express your love so that he feels loved.

Duration: 2 sessions of 1 hour each

Date:  9 & 11 Oct 2019

Time: 12pm-1pm   

Venue: 1 Raffles Place, Republic Plaza 1, Level 6 Distrii, S048619

Fee: $35 per person with lunch provided for both sessions

Who should attend: Parents of children aged 12 -19 years old

Trainer - Irene Ong

Please email your registration to stating your name and contact number.

Registration closes on 6 May 2019

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