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For the past decade and more, Irene had worked with thousands of parents and creating impact on families through extensive range of parent-child relationship workshops. One of which is the popular Positive Parenting Program (aka Triple P), an evidence-based program developed in Australia and recognized globally.

"Irene has given close to heart examples with scenarios .and how we can tackle the issue." 

 - Parent from Farrer Park Primary School.

"Thank you, Irene for pointing out our blind spots!" 

- Parent from Maris Stella High School.'

"Irene, thank you for your coaching. After listening to you, I feel more reassured that my concern of my child's behavioral issue can be addressed and overcome. We will continue to work on your recommended parenting concepts and tools."

- Parent from Beatty Secondary School.

Irene is especially enthusiastic in doing research, designing and customizing family related topics in local context with useful techniques as well as practical examples from a parent's perspective. 

She is also very actively involved in marriage-related workshops; Marriage preparation programs to mentor soon-to-wed couples to gain a deeper understanding of each other as well as to equip them with essential skills on the key pillars of marriage. 

Married couples, on the other hand, have their set of challenges too, hence, Marriage enrichment programs aim to facilitate couples to reconnect, work on key challenges and strengthen their relationship towards a more fulfilling marriage. 

Irene also delivers personal development as well as mental wellness workshops, as part of employee wellbeing initiative, to organizations.  Popular topics consist of keeping work-life balance, stress management, positive thinking, managing conflicts at the workplace, enhancing interpersonal relationships at the workplace, and more. These organizations include City Development Limited, Citibank, SEAB, MINDS, Jurong Secondary School, Zuellig Pharma, Chevron Phillips, DBS, Palfinger, Honsen Group, Daikin, SIA Engineering, Stryker and more. 

Examples of topics, not limited to: 

Personal Development

- Anger Management

- Anxiety Management

- Moving out of your negative thinking patterns

- Stress Management

- Knowing your personalities and how to manage relationships more effectively

- How to juggle multiple roles as a working mother with proper self-care

- Overcoming addictive behaviour

- Balancing life in this demanding fast paced society


- Help your teenagers set goals

- How to balance Love and Control

- Bond with your family

- Build a positive relationship with my teenager

- Educating your teenager on cyber wellness and risks on the Internet

- Develop self-motivation in your child

- Knowing your child/teenager's personalities

-Effective Communication Skills with your teenage child

- Empower your teenager to set goals

- Financial Intelligence for our children

- Help my child/teenager beat procrastination

- Help your teenager cope with exam stress

- Help your teenager manage negative peer pressure

- How to talk so that your child will listen

- How to talk to your teenager about BGR

- Parenting with Confidence for teenagers

- Setting boundaries for teenager with love

- Teach our teens to make wise decision

- Teen Space, teen privacy: Building trust with your teenager


- Effective Couple Communication Skills 

- Managing conflicts effectively

- Financial management for couples

- Meeting your partner's and your needs

- Understanding and embracing differences

- Setting boundaries in marriage

Contact us to discuss your scope of interests.

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