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Michael Yeong

Due to a birth accident, Michael was born with cerebral palsy affecting both his legs. Growing up in a very supportive family, Michael has never felt short-changed or unable to handle life’s challenges. Through the support from a caring family and encouraging friends, Michael surmounted his limitations and has completed two Master’s degrees, in Divinity and subsequently in counselling.

The love and care from his family nurtured a strong desire in Michael to give back to society. He began his journey to help others through working with the youth in church. He also volunteered as a school counsellor, helping students with self-esteem, relationship and school issues.

Currently, Michael heads the Discipleship, Christian Education, & Family Life Ministry in his church where he works with families on marriage and parenting. He is happily married with two young children, Abigail and Nathanael.    


  • MA (Professional Counselling)

  • Master in Divinity

  • Prepare and Enrich Accredited Facilitator

  • Torn Asunder Accredited Facilitator

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