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Irene Ong

Live Life to Your Best Now

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Having gone through several life stages and overcame numerous crises including childhood trauma, I value living life to its fullest now.  I hope you live life to your fullest too.

I am an advocate of stronger marital and family relationships and I began my journey focusing on family life education in 2011 delivering hundreds of family life programs reaching out and making an impact on thousands of families. It always warms my heart to observe how they are recharged with hope from learning practical tips at the sessions.

My passion is to mentor and walk alongside couples who are preparing to get married or those who want to reconnect with their spouses. I conduct practical evidence-based workshops such as Marriage Preparation, Marriage Enrichment, Early Marriage Support Programme. and more. Witnessing how couples communicate more effectively leading to a deeper understanding of each other, turn their relationships around and grow more intimately in their relationship brings me indescribable joy.

As a psychotherapist, my clients often describe me as warm, empathetic and respectful. My style is practical and down to earth adopting the most appropriate, amongst the variety, therapeutic approach to attend to my clients' most immediate needs. My high level of strictest confidentiality together with a safe setting makes them feel at ease in sharing openly their challenges or issues as I  guide them patiently to identify the underlying root cause(s) while working with them towards accomplishing positive changes or healing their inner wounds.

No matter what transitions you are going through now or challenges you are facing or perhaps simply to put down your heavy baggage for a more enriching life ahead, I will be more than happy to accompany you.

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